Last few weeks in Melbourne

Over our last few weeks in melbourne david took part in the medibank melbourne marathon-! Here’s what he had to say about it:

‘After a few weeks training and some serious carb loading, race day had arrived. Needless to say I was nervous at what the day ahead was to bring as temperatures were due to hit 27degrees by lunch time. With the race due to start at 7am we had arrived at the tram stop in ample time only to find that the trams weren’t running. A quick taxi got us there just 5minutes before the start having picked up some other marathon runners on the way. It was a beautiful morning & lots of hot air balloons floated over the city.

ready to rock

ready to rock

7am start and the 7000+ participants got moving. There was a great atmosphere throughout the run and although the course was beautiful as it moved through Albert park and the foreshore, there were too many areas where it backtracked onto itself to make up the distance.

After 3hrs 34minutes the pain was over as I crossed the finish line at the MCG, where Jen was waiting to greet me! The heat was now intense and the thought of it getting hotter kept me pushing myself along the way. I was very happy with my time given the somewhat lack of training & it was awesome to think I had completed a marathon on the other side of the world! Afterwards I was lucky to get a free massage courtesy of the medibank corporate tent! We then headed home & rested up for a few hours before heading for a drink & some Mexican food in St Kilda with jen.’



I did it!

In our last week we took ourselves on a self guided tour down around the docklands area of the city. As with most major cities, Melbournes docklands has been regenerated recently having previously been wasteland. It is now home to the cities financial centre boasting large skyscrapers, luxury living and lots of trendy bars/restaurants. Along Southbank and the docklands there are a variety of different art pieces and modern architecture comprising of buildings and bridges. For jen and I it has allowed us to practice our amateur nighttime photography skills.



DSC_0016 DSC_0061

We started at the river along by the Crown casino & then headed down to find the Webb Bridge which was as amazing architecturally as it had looked in the pictures we had seen.

DSC_0017 DSC_0027


We then wandered down to the docklands across from the Ethiad stadium & over towards the observation wheel.

DSC_0045 DSC_0055

At this stage it was pretty late & we were tired so we headed back to the casino & put a small $20 bet on roulette! Needless to say we lost it. This was jen’s first time in a casino & she wasn’t really impressed to be honest!


The city is so beautiful at night & the shots turned out well! all in all a good night was had on one of our last nights in Melbourne!

Before leaving Melbourne, we also headed back to the Shrine of Remembrance where we went to the viewing point at the top for some last shots off the Melbourne skyline!

DSC_0072 DSC_0075



We then met up with the couple that we done our first 3 weeks of regional work with, for a drink at Chuckle park bar & café.  The bar is down an entry in the main shopping area & nice on a sunny day 🙂 the photo doesn’t even do it justice!



Jen had also planned to do a neighbours tour on our penultimate day but due to the weather this was cancelled!  Next time we are in Melbourne we will be visiting the Eureka Tower as we bought tickets ages ago which we still haven’t used as we are waiting on a nice day to visit at sunset!


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