Mungo National Park

During our time in Mildura, we took an organised day trip out to Mungo National Park, which was expensive but totally worth it! we left early in the morning, and drove for about 2.5hours until we reached the park.  Some people compare it to the Pinnacles in Western Australian, we haven’t been yet so cannot comment! But if you are in the area and have the time make sure and take a trip out here.  It is advisable to go in a 4×4 given the dirtroad leading into the park. It is also advisable to go with a guide, because without doing so, you cannot actually access the part of the park which contains all of the history and rock formations.




Along the way, we saw emus… this was a first and boy can they run!  It was very hot and we were swarmed with flies, hence the cork hats!



In previous years the park has had some remarkable archaeological finds such as Mungo Man and woman – the world’s oldest human cremation & human footprints which date back to the last ice age.

 DSC_0055 DSC_0075 DSC_0069 DSCF0133 DSCF0104 DSC_0077 DSCF0142 DSCF0122





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