Kuala Lumpar April 2014


Petronas Towers

So after leaving our jobs, home and family back in Norn Iron in May, we spent 4 days stopping over in Kuala Lumpar on the way to Oz!  Our time in KL, consisted mostly of chilling out, along with a bit of sightseeing.  We visited the Petronas Towers, took a walk in the park nearby, drank cocktails at the rooftop bar at Traders hotel – Skybar and chilled by the pool, not to mention lots of sleeping 🙂


Sunset over KL






Beautiful park beside the Towers


cool airport


One evening we went to Dining in the Dark for dinner! Jen had came across this restaurant whilst on Tripadvisor and it was no1 in KL. We booked a table before we left home!  We didn’t really know what to expect, we the menu was a secret, and all we knew was that you literally dine in the dark. When we arrived at the restaurant we sat in a waiting area and ordered some drinks, then the hostess came and brought a ice-breaker game which we had to do blindfolded!  She gave us a tub of rice, in which there were a few paperclips hidden, and we had to pick out the paperclips whilst blindfolded! This was harder than you may think, and we had a good laugh at one another during the game! We were then paired up with another couple and introduced to our blind waiter for the night. We had to form a queue behind him & hold onto one another’s shoulders whilst he led us into the dining room!  The room was pitch black, not a light in sight….and we had to eat a 3 course meal and drink here!  It was an amazing experience, as we had no idea what we were eating, and you could hear the waiters clicking their fingers – we think this was their way of telling the others to watch out!  All in all, a great experience which I would recommend as they have them in cities all over the world now!

Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark


trying to find the paperclips

Kuala Lumpar was a nice enough city, much less chaotic than we imagined.  Worth a stopover but 2 days would be ample time! If you visit make sure to see the Petronas Towers which light up the skyline.  We didn’t visit the Batu Caves which is apparently a must but will do next time!

DSC_0004 (2)

Loved this! At KL airport



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